Is Richie Porte a Safe Bet for Vuelta a España 2019?

post3 feat - Is Richie Porte a Safe Bet for Vuelta a España 2019?

Richie Porte is an Australian cyclist who has been in the sport for more than 10 years. But despite being at the top of the competition, and even coming from winning the Tour of Switzerland, had to withdraw from the routes for some time due to an accident where he broke his clavicle.

In this post we take a closer look at his career and try to determine whether or not betting on Richie Porte is worthwhile during this year’s Vuelta a España.

Return After an Injury

We know, when athletes suffer some type of injury, there is a possibility that their performance isn’t the same. This is precisely what we’re seeing with the return of Richie, because he isn’t receiving the same support as before the accident, even though he’s one of the best, currently.

The same goes for the bookmakers; they aren’t classifying him as a favorite for his return to the championship, after a long season without being able to compete. Additionally, other good cyclists have advanced a great step in the competition, and have even made it to the Top 3.

Some Favorites

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Michal Kwiatkowski, Wilco Kelderman, and Simon Yates, are some of the favorites of bookmakers in Vuelta a España 2019 competition. They have become big threats for any other competing cyclist.

Especially Simon Yates, who has had a brilliant development in the previous competitions, and was leading some of the last championships, is in the spotlight of many gamblers for this return to the routes in Spain.

But one of the most anticipated is Thibaut Pinot, although he was out for a while due to strong pneumonia which prevented him from continuing. Before that incident, he was in the Top 3 of the Tour of Italy and had a good performance in previous competitions.

Other Featured Competitors

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Fabio Aru is another cyclist who’s worth talking about, because he has had a few victories in some competitions, but in the last race, he had to retire. So, he’s expected to return with all the strength, to keep fighting and get that prize.

Another one who has become promising is the Colombian Miguel Ángel López. He’s only 24 years old and has just started in the world of professional cycling, yet he has had good performances in previous races, even outdoing some veterans.

He has overcome some stages leading the race, and you can see the effort and dedication he has put into his commitment to winning.

Legends are Legends

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The legends, without a doubt, can never be considered less, because they are the kind of special people who can win at any time, when you least expect it. This is due to their winning and competitive spirit, the experience in competitions, and the desire to keep standing out.

This is the case with Richie Porte, beyond having been away for a while; he will always be considered a favorite, because he is one of the best in cycling. So, it will always be a good wager to bet on, we all have a lot of faith that he will return with a lot of enthusiasm.

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