InsideOut – A closer look at Kirsten Wild’s SRM after stage 3 of Tour of Qatar

Today, Team Giant-Shimano are on the verge of winning the Ladies Tour of Qatar for the second consecutive year, with Kirsten Wild in the leader’s jersey and Amy Pieters in second place at just nine-seconds. They have plenty of cards to play!

So far they have takes all three stages between them, with Kirsten winning yesterday’s third stage with an impressive sprint. We took a closer look at the numbers she was putting out on her SRM following the race.

Not only did she take the win with by a decent margin, she did so after working hard covering moves in the final 10km of the stage together with teammate Amy Pieters.

Kirsten’s finishing sprint lasted for 15-seconds, and over that period she averaged 966 watts, at an average heart rate of 196bpm.

Her peak power in the sprint was 1271 watts, which is under her personal best. She reached a maximum speed of 67km/h and averaged 64.5km/h for the 15-second effort, pretty rapid.

When the leading group formed, Kirsten averaged 320 watts for the first five-minutes of effort, with the average speed of the break being over 47km/h during this period. Then during the final 15km the speed averaged 54.5km/h at which point Kirsten raised her arms in victory.


Sprint average power – 966 W (15s)
Max power – 1271 W
5-min average – 320 W
Sprint average speed – 64.5km/h (15s)
Sprint max speed – 67km/h
Sprint average heart rate – 196bpm (15s)



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